Saturday 15 July 2017

What Happens When You Open Windows

The wildlife comes in -- pigeons, swallows, bats, the neighbour's cats, all sorts of insects...


As regular readers would be aware, we are involved in the scheme to have the Chapelle De Tous Les Saints in Preuilly (and in particular its Danse Macabre) restored. We have reached our first target for public donations, but there will always be a need for more money to push the project on.

The Maison de Pays (also known as our tourist office) in the Grande Rue is holding an exhibition and sale of patchwork items for the next couple of weeks, with the proceeds going towards the restoration funds. Get down there, buy something, because every little helps.


melinda said...

oh dear...haha....wonder how they ushered the bird back out...and what about pigeon poop on the furniture & artwork....yikes

Susan said...

Usually the visitors spot birds inside before the staff so there is a good deal of ineffectual hopping about and flapping brochures at them. Eventually the birds fly out the windows of their own accord. There is poo on one of the tapestries, but otherwise they seem to get off fairly lightly in that respect.

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