Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Paris at Night

When we were in Paris the other week I convinced Susan (and myself) that as we had Mobilis passes for the Metro we should go out after dinner and look at a sight. Usually we're not very good at that - in winter, after dinner, one hunkers down in the warm and listens to the radio.

We are glad we went out though. It was very cold, with a chill wind, but the clearest from fog the whole of the 4 days we were there. It made for some amazing photos.

 Astronomy and architecture

I am rather pleased with these photos - considering I use a long lens and slow shutter speed and no tripod (420mm lens, and anywhere between 3/4second and 3second shutter speed) they have worked quite nicely, just by bracing myself and hanging on. But some pics I just couldn't make work - like this one of the big brown thing taken from the RER station. Looks more like HG Wells on a bender....

Next time we are in Paris we will have to go out at night again - it was rather pleasant to do something different.


  1. Wonderful reflection of light on the river.

  2. If you go for a weekend, it might be worth checking out the Friday night rollerblade rally. The route changes each week to spread the road closures, so it's just a matter of picking a spot and looking for a bar or café to park in till they all roll past. Details on their website - pari-roller.

  3. Coming late to the party, but I have to say how wonderful these photos are. I especially like the eternal quality of the moon over Notre Dame.