Wednesday 22 February 2017

A Short Story

If you're on Paris Austerlitz Station (and most likely some others) with time before your train, SNCF have installed some diversions. Not only do they have a piano (like this one, in Paris Montparnasse station), they also have a short story dispensing machine.

Its free, and easy to use - all you need to do is decide how long you want to be reading for and press the corresponding button. I decided that as I had 30 minutes a 5 minute story in French would be more than enough, so pressed that button.

Your story comes out printed on what looks like a high quality cash register roll, a metre (3') long. You will need your reading glasses.

The story I received (one of which apparently there are thousands) was this one (or if you want it in english, this one)


chm said...

I like that story and the unexpected ending. The machine translation of the French is not too bad, but a bit confusing concerning who's who. The he should be she and vice versa in some places!

Aussie in France said...

Oh, how wonderful! What an excellent idea!

fashion survivor said...

We need more of this type of thing in the U.S.!

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