Wednesday, 15 February 2017

La Grange du Rivaux

The Grange du Rivaux.

About six months ago blog reader Michel Brouard emailed me to tell me about la Grange du Rivaux at Mairé. Grange means barn and this one houses a collection of antiques and brocante for sale. It's open Friday to Monday, 3pm to 7pm (Saturday to Monday in winter, 3pm to 6 pm).

The float chook frame.
He also mentioned that the garden was rather quirky, and in particular there was a large wire mesh chook out the front. He believes it was made for the village of Chaumussay's float in the 1999 Comice d'Agricole (Agricultural Show) parade in Preuilly.

A once lovely wrought iron bed and a load of quite good glavanised tubs and troughs.
We had never been there before, although I had heard it was rather a good brocante (second-hand goods shop). The other day we happened to be passing, and had the time to call in, so we took the opportunity.

View down one half of the barn.
We got chatting to the woman who owns and runs the place and it turned out she knew exactly who we were. Michel had told her about us.

Vintage linens in an armoire.
We discussed the possibility of bringing clients to visit the Grange for some French antique bargain hunting. The prices and quality of the stock are both attractive and I think many people would enjoy a shopping trip into the French countryside to buy an antique or two.

Pewter vessels.

Salt glazed stoneware.

Drinking glasses on a sideboard.

Not everything in the shop demonstrates good taste and style.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Never mind the stuffed pussy... What are the legs at the back and side attached to??? I bet Simon was kept restrained during your visit...

Tim said...

Been there twice... twice Pauline has has to use the "special words" to get me out of there!!
I daren't go there unattended.... eg: that rather attractive set of eight champagne flats/cocktail/sorbet&icecream glasses towards the right hand end of the sideboard!! For use as the latter, here... see what I mean... and the dragonfly brooch on the "glum" cat's paw.... and the modern pewter tulip tankard....
there are other things visible that my wallet might lean towards.... viz: the day bed... to be converted into a raised flower bed!!

the fly in the web said...

A great place to suggest to your clients....

Susan said...

Simon can't believe I didn't show more of the mysterious legs. And yes, he kept pointing out various less tasteful items (an orange honey pot with bees on it was one of his suggestions). To be fair though, we both liked the pewter stuff.

Susan said...

Just do what I do -- don't take any means of purchasing anything when you go. That way it's just an exercise in frustration. Although to be honest, I'm fairly immune to these sorts of places.

Susan said...

I think so. The woman who runs it is friendly and personable and the location is attractive, and there is enough small stuff that just about anyone could come away with a portable souvenir that's a bit different.

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