Friday, 16 September 2016

27 August 1944

We have written before about the events at Maillé on 25 August 1944.

What is less known (and certainly less mentioned) are the atrocities of the 27th August along an axis from la Celle Guenand to Saint Hippolyte. These included the killing of civilians in la Celle Guenand, the farm "Repinçay" along the route Saint-Flovier, Saint Flovier itself, and Saint Hippolyte. Research on the internet has turned up some details of events in la Celle Guenand and Repinçay and Saint Hippolyte but so far we have found nothing about what happened in Saint Flovier.

The memorial at Saint Flovier.

It is couched in atypically emotive language.

It is quite possible that those responsible were the same troops involved at Maillé a few days earlier, but they were confused and therefore poorly documented times, and many people seem to have decided put such events behind them and not talk about them as a method of dealing with the horror of it all.

We would be interested to discover the events behind this memorial and be able to honour the memory of those involved in a less generalised way.

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Ken Broadhurst said...

Several people in Mareuil-sur-Cher were killed by the retreating Germans about the same time, Aug. 1944. There's a monument in front of the mairie. I don't know the details.

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