Friday, 27 May 2016

And Now it's Ten Years

They may not be the world's stunningest© photos, but they are three of the first photos we took in Preuilly sur Claise, ten years ago today. They are photos of a house we didnt buy, and here are the reasons:

We thought it was a bit weird. Turns out that compared
to other houses we looked at, it wasn't.

It didn't have a staircase of its own, but rather a staircase shared with the
almost fallen down house next door. Next door's bedroom door is on the left.

It is right on the main road. We didn't know then how busy the road
can get (we saw it on a Saturday afternoon), but it was a lucky escape.

The other reason we didn't buy this particular house is that it had an enormous semi-cellar (110m2) with one very small window, and a sub cellar beneath it. We did seriously think about the house, but we decided in the end that we just couldn't work out something sensible to do with all those rooms/half rooms/cellars.

All this means that the bottom photo is the first photo we have that shows anything of Preuilly sur Claise. It was taken at 14h50 on the 27th May 2006.

You can read an almost 10 year old account of this buying trip here


chm said...

It looks interesting from the outside, but the inside doesn't compare with your current house. It doesn't seem to even have any yard at all.

Susan said...

It doesn't have a yard at all, just a tiny courtyard where you enter, which is shared with the neighbouring building.

Jean said...

We saw lots of very wierd houses when we were house hunting. Some people lived or put up with very bizarre housing arrangements.
This building has charm from the outside, but instincts are usually right when buying a house I think.

Susan said...

France does seem to have a very high proportion of houses that are arranged very oddly for modern living.

Bill.Wilson said...

It's great to look at but to live in ???

Susan said...

I think its biggest negative point is being on the main road. The rest one can deal with provided one has the money.

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