Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Garden Springs to Life

Some photos of the flowers in our back garden just now.
A la cuisine hier: Tongue, which I had previously brined, then cooked on the wood stove, as tongue needs hours of super slow cooking. I made Sauce Gribiche to go with it and served it with lentils (from a can) and some boiled vegetables. Dessert was an experimental concoction involving cake, raspberries, chestnut puree, almond cream and chocolate. Simon rated the meal as 'magnificent'. I was very pleased with how it all turned out too.
Au jardin hier: 'Our' swallows have arrived and have been checking out the garage. Simon heard a cuckoo while he was hanging out the washing.


Ken Broadhurst said...

Did you enjoy eating the tongue? Is it something you ate before coming to France? I remember a professor (of French) at the U. of Illinois cooking a beef tongue and serving it just warm, in slices, back in the 1970s, with cornichons. It was delicious. And then a friend up in Pocé-sur-Cisse made us a pot au feu with just tongue once. That was pretty good too.

Susan said...

Yes we like tongue. It was something my mother would cook from time to time. We will sometimes have it in restaurants here. I've done pork tongue here before.

chm said...

What are the flowers in the second photo?

Susan said...

Hellebores. I assume they are the sort known in English as Lenten Roses.

chm said...

Thank you, Susan. The white variety is known in France as rose de Noēl, Christmas Rose in English, I guess.

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