Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Past and Present: The Hardware and Machinery Store and the Veterinary Surgery

 Simon found this old photo of an early 20th century business in Preuilly and has matched it with a photo of the current guise of the same building on the market place.
Eye News: Simon had a check up with the ophthalmo yesterday. He is allowed to stop his eyedrops and his cataract operation has been scheduled for April. This is all a big relief, although juggling his op, the arrival of his family and work still has to be negociated.
A la cuisine hier: Lamb steaks rubbed with salt, pepper, olive oil, rosemary and garlic and seared, served with mashed potato and a green salad.


  1. Grate knews Simon...
    you'll sort it!

    Er, where is the door to the vets?
    There appears to be a huge pot with a palm in it in front of what look like the doors??
    But that old shop... what I'd give for a look around inside!!
    The windows just invite ingress of the curious....

    1. You go in by the courtyard door to the right.

  2. Not-a-building question: Fairly recently, you posted about a macaroon recipe of Simon's that sounded tasty and simple. Now that I want to bake some, can I find the post? Of course not. Can you refer me to the link?

  3. Good news that the drops can be dropped and that at least you have a timescale for the cataract op. This is a step forward and the logistics will be sorted.

    1. Yes, it felt like real progress. The op is now scheduled for 18 May.

  4. Glad to hear you are making progress with your eye problem, Simon and if it's any consolation, I've just had my second cataract op and it went very well, as did the first one!