Monday, 13 October 2014

Pneuclear Power Posts

Clients often ask us what local people do for a living. Until last year, one of the responses could have been 'they work in the Michelin tyre factory at Joué lès Tours'. Nowadays that answer has to be tempered by adding that last year they laid off 700 workers and are due to lose another163 this year.

Bibendum waves from the Michelin tyre factory at Joué lès Tours.
Recently the local newspaper ran an article to the effect that one of the other big employers in the area, the nuclear power station near Chinon, is very open to receiving applications from ex-Michelin workers. The power station employs up to 5000 people and sees the Michelin workers as coming from a similar work culture, with transferrable skills.

The steam from the cooling towers of the nuclear power station looms over the chateau and town of Chinon.
There is no formal agreement between the two companies, but informally, the out of work Michelin staff are being encouraged to attend business forums organised by the employment centre in Chinon. Electricité de France, who own and run the nuclear power plant at Avoine, near Chinon, will welcome them at their stand, and recruits regularly.

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Tim said...

Bibi is the most recognised logo of all tyre manufacturers...
even in the States!!
And even in this obesity shunning age, they haven't really tried to slim him...
although he isn't his former self these days...
slim Bibi...
slim workforce.

I believe that it is also one of the most readily recognised logos worldwide along with the Coca-Cola name and others of that ilk.

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