Sunday, 26 October 2014

Living in the Desert

Looking out from the escarpment of Kings Canyon towards a small isolated Aboriginal community on the vast desert plain below.
Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been added for European Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus.
A new entry has been added for Snakeshead Fritillary Fritillaria meleagris.
A new Habitat entry has been added for Frost and Snow.


Pollygarter said...

It always amazes me that people lived in, well, a desert like that. I suppose tbe community is much like any other in the westernised world now.

Susan said...

PG: No, I don't think you could say the community is a typical western hamlet. So far as I know it is one of 6 Aboriginal family outstations in the area, not necessarily occupied all the time or even by the same people. Fresh food is limited -- if you visit you have to bring your own. Alcohol is banned. I presume non-aboriginal people have to be invited to go there.

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