Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ladies in Waiting

This is Claudette in front and Célestine behind, waiting their turn to be seen by the Traction doctor a couple of weeks ago.
Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been added for Tortoise Bugs Eurygaster spp.


  1. Lovely picture of two classics...

    crop out the right-hand side to make it narrow door shaped...
    clone out the remaining pylon that is sticking out of Célestine's roof... and then go B&W and sepia tone it...
    and you are back to the 50's!!!
    [Sorry... stuck in picture judging&commnting mode!!]

  2. Tim - it's the old argument between art and reportage...... although it is impossible to do real reportage since google insists on over-saturating all photos uploaded to blogger.

  3. Simon, in Pottyshop...
    use Levels to alter the output value...
    that seems to avoid over saturation of what are meant to be "faded" pix.

  4. Tim - trouble is that google do about +15 on saturation, no matter what you do to the pic in photoshop before uploading.