Saturday, 11 June 2011

What to look out for

... when driving in France.

After Thursday's mammoth effort of 16 hours, yesterday we went back to Tours, this time in a hired van. SuperU is willing hire out vans of enormous length and width* (and height, but that is less of an issue) to anyone who turns up with a driving licence.

Yup, it even rained a little last night
My experience yesterday causes me to recommend you give wide berth to any SuperU van you see: even a driver as ace and all encompasingly brilliant as me clipped a couple of gutters yesterday. Imaging what a mess that bloke in the "hot" Pug 206 could make of it all...

Like our previous SuperU hires it was extremely painless (and remarkably inexpensive) process, and the van worked well. It sucked up a whole IKEA kitchen like it just wasn't there!


*2 metres (6') longer and 60cm(2') wider than Célestine


Carolyn said...

Ah, IKEA. I love it. Let us know the names of your kitchen choices and those of us with catalogs will be able to follow you along as you install them. Don't you love being on a first-name basis with your furniture?

Leon Sims said...

Who should we rent a car from when we reurn next year Simon.

Simon said...

If you can arrangeit, SuperU. They are about 1/2 the price of otehr companies. The only draw back is that you have to get to the supermarket, and you have to return the car to the same suprmarket.

Otherwise, I find all the car hire places are much the same.

Ken Broadhurst said...

I just rented a car from SuperU for a week. When I returned it, they looked it over and said I needed to wash it and vacuum it out or they would charge me 70 euros to do the cleaning themselves. The car really wasn't dirty, but neither was it pristine. I took to the the car wash right there at SuperU, vacuumed it out, pressure washed it, and it cost 4 euros. They were satisfied. I've never had to worry about such things when I've rented from the major companies. I haven't really compared the rates though.

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