Monday, 13 June 2011

Ancient History

We have been busy the last week, and no doubt some of you may have noticed. The great thing is that we are busy this week as well: so busy, in fact, that we don't actually have time to blog about it.


Some of you might know that Célestine has a facebook account (there's a link just to the right).

If you're one of Célestine's friends you may have seen these photos. If you aren't one of Célestine's friends you may find the photos interesting.

NOT amusing - I said interesting.

You can all stop laughing now.



Abbeysmum said...

How high does the Eagle fly ?

Niall & Antoinette said...

Aww do I have to?? Someday Niall will post some of his..if I can convince him!! :-) Antoinette

Leon Sims said...

OK - 60 questions.
What are you playing - instrument that is.
What Genre.
Where were you playing at back then.
How old/young were you then.
Would Susan have married you when these were taken or was it tooooo late.
Do you still play.

OK that's 6 questions - I'll save the rest for another time.

Jean said...

Ah, the good old days, eh.

Tim said...

You can't keep an old rocker down!
Keep on Truckin'

WV is again spot on... "suroc".... Jefferson Airplane crossed with Zed Lepplin?

GaynorB said... I will see you in a different light.

Do you have any video?

Simon said...

I am playing bass in all the photos.

Photo 1 is in my heavy metal days (1983?): the band was called Armageddon. The bass is a Fernandes "frankenstein" that I improved myself

Photo 2 is bush music at the Wyreema Rural Youth ball- think Irish traditional with an Australian tinge. The band was called Wedgetail and we played twice a week. Fender musicmaster short scale bass. Probably 1990 or so

The third pic is "Early Warning", playing at the Norville Hotel Toowoomba in 1995. The bass is a Custom made Zon 6 string. Pub Rock cover band with a couple of originals thrown in.

WV is dicaph: definitely not the way I played my music!

Simon said...

Actually - I tell a lie - the bass in the second pic is my Fretless.

Tim said...

"nd pic... I take it that a fretless guitar is played as an 'ish instrument?

WV is "tindrap"... probably Fester's tinnies then!!

Do Blogger use some kind of "alogrythm" that tunes into the original blog entry?????

Tim said...

"nd should read 2ND... dodgy shift finger!!

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