Friday, 17 June 2011


Yesterday we got the boxes for the kitchen mounted. Niall and Antoinette recommended Chris Line, who did their kitchen, so we organised him to fit our units. He arrived at 8.30, and by 2.00 the units were all levelled and screwed in place.

The sink unit is fitted
He didn't put the doors or drawers in, that will wait until after the worktop is fitted. Even so, you can now see what it is going to be and how it will be used, and I am pleased to say I think it will work!

This section is where we anticipate lots of
yummy things will be prepped.
We have ordered the worktop (more details will follow, in the fullness of time) and hope that process will start next week.



wcs said...

Bravo! And the floor looks great!

Ken Broadhurst said...

From what I can see of the floor, it looks great too. More floor pictures, please.

Leon Sims said...

Looooooookin' good.

Jean said...

It's definitely beginning to look like a kitchen now.

GaynorB said...

Looking good, and I look forward to pics of the finished kitchen.

Craig said...

I'm relieved to see that you employed someone to build your units. When I read the previous post about all of your Ikea units I was thinking what a task you had ahead of you. It's amazing how these guys do it so quickly! It all looks great.

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