Sunday, 19 June 2011


Our friends Tim and Gaynor very kindly said we should pick the redcurrants at their place in Le Petit Pressigny while they were away if we could make use of them and rather than let them go to waste.

Soft fruit like redcurrants are always so much nicer if you can get them fresh and not transport or refrigerate them. Also our own redcurrant is going to have about a dozen berries in total, so it was a welcome opportunity to supplement our frozen fruit stocks.

About a week ago I went over and picked about 2kg of top quality redcurrants. I made half into compote with the last of my strawberries and some of my cherries which I had frozen earlier. The other half was pureed, pressed through a seive and mixed with a commercial raspberry puree, some icing sugar and a dash of 2009 homemade cherry liqueur. After churning in the icecream machine, this is a fairly sensational sorbet.

I've frozen a little plastic box of each for Tim and Gaynor to enjoy when they are back in Le Petit Pressigny.



GaynorB said...


Thank you. We are looking forward to it!
Gaynor :o)

Craig said...

That sorbet sounds excellent. Redcurrants are fiddly because they are so small but very much worth the messing around.

Pollygarter said...

I think it's the year of the redcurrant - there were lots for sale at the Abilly Fete de la Confiture yesterday, and ours have produced wonderfully too. Unfortunately I have been banned from making jelly until we've eaten more of the last ten years' product. but sorbets are ace and so are cordials. Just got to get rid of all the little pips. Whitecurrant sorbet beats lemon sorbet every time!

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