Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's Dry

We were at Villandry yesterday, and although the gardens are as amazing as ever you can see we have been having a dry time of it: compare this photo with one taken a year ago.

Luckily it was cooler yesterday - "only" 28 degrees C (82F), compared to 38 degrees (just over 100 in the old money) on Monday. Célestine was a lot happier on the road, especially as on Monday we were driving along the Loire River levee with no shade, whereas yesterday we were cruising along the shady Indre river by Azay le Rideau. By comparison, today's predicted high is a perfectly acceptable 23C (73F)

We were threatened with storms and torrential rain yesterday evening. Regular readers will no doubt not be amazed to hear we had one very light shower accompanied by massive thunder and lightning.



Leon Sims said...

Simon, we too have much greener pics of Villandry. Sad to see the grey setting in.
I also remember my Traction being happier in cooler weather. Being a Slough built Traction, it really wasný happy with Aussie summers.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Same weather here – little rain, and only distant thunder and lightning. Will this dry period ever end?

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