Thursday 14 February 2008

Bibliothèque de Preuilly-sur-Claise

For a small town, Preuilly has a really quite good library. Small but perfectly formed would be a fair description.

Along with the books and magazines (including a selection of English novels) is a media centre with four computers which are connected to the internet, and a printer. For 12€ a year this is really quite good value, and has come in handy more than once. Susan and I joined last February.

The library is open Tuesday afternoon, and all day Wednesday and Saturday. The website is here.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to read your comments on the library. We both joined and think it is a really good facility for such a small town. Somehow joining the library makes you feel more part of the community! We were quite amazed to find a shelf of English books - maybe donating books would be a good idea for some of our surplus!
There is also a very basic library in the Red Cross charity shop in the Rue St Pierre - we found a history of the town to borrow.
John and Jill

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