Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Porker Heaven

As we were driving to Chenonceau yesterday morning (with Australian clients Margaret and Reuben) I commented to Susan that it was odd - we hadn't seen any car club rally this long weekend.

When I arrived back at Célestine after the visit I found that was no longer the case.



  1. Surely you can't call those Pastie shaped German cars, CLASSICS. I can hardly believe Celestine allowed them to settle beside her.
    She's such a classy lady and those others are so brash.

  2. Leon - there were one or two rather nice 50s and 60s cars in there. Not my cup of tea, but let's keep the real car ownership a little exclusive...

    Couls have been worse - could have been the push-me pull-you porkers

  3. Celestine's backside is the Porchest of the lot!!