Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A White Flag

Last Friday I decided to run the white flag up the pole and GTMI. This particular white flag concerns the ceiling of the kitchen, which I prepared well and painted, but we ended up with roller marks in the satin paint which really shows up.

Yesterday morning our neighbours, Patrice (who just happens to be a painter and decorator) arrived with one of his painters, Bruno.

A man who knows what he is doing.
In way of these things in small villages Bruno lived in this house when he was a child and was amazed to see what we have done with it, and thoroughly approved of the way the house is heading - which is nice.

And so is the ceiling of the kitchen!



Leon and Sue Sims said...

And so Bruno adds another little piece of history to your adventure.

wcs said...

Since I don't speak "Strain" I need a translation: what's GTMI?

Simon said...

Walt - Get The Man In

Leon - it's very cyclic...