Monday, 6 March 2017

Two Grues (Times Two)

Grue is one of those odd words, where the French word is completely different to the English word for the same thing but has the same two meanings.

These grues are used by the Paris authorities to remove cars parked illegally.
We saw quite a few in our 3 days in Paris, including 4 in one street.

These other grues were photographed flying low over Loches on Saturday morning. 
Whatever Sunday's weather might say, it means spring is here.


  1. The French word for what we call a tow truck or wrecker in the U.S. is une dépanneuse. One meaning of grue is "prostitute".

  2. These tow trucks are marked as grues - I assume it's because they lift the car up.

  3. It's especially interesting that both use the name of the bird when you consider how different Australian and French construction cranes are.

    1. Are they different? How so? I've never noticed.