Saturday, 18 March 2017

Lurking Policeman

I walk past this gateway almost every day and every time this life size model of a US highway patrol man catches me out. I glimpse a person just inside the gate and prepare for a brief conversation as one does when passing in a small country town. I haven't said bonjour to the policeman yet, but I bet some passerby has. The house belongs to a local brocanteur (second-hand) and antiques dealer and the policeman is a recent addition to the collection. I've no idea how much they want for it, but presumably it's cheap as CHiPs.


  1. Oh dear Susan that's terrible... Did you used to watch it?

  2. A neighbour in France had the figure of a monk just inside his gate....he had picked it up from somewhere and said he put it there to give people a fright. He even gave it a shelter for winter.

    1. I suspect the motivation is the same here.