Monday, 27 March 2017

A Long Weekend

A quick update on last weekend:

We drove to Calais (via the D roads) on Friday, then on to London on Saturday morning. We met up with Kippa (my nephew) for breakfast, then Gaynor and TimB for the anti-brexit march (and Emile, after he took an hour crossing Park Lane due to the size of the crowds). After the speeches (we stayed to the end) Susan and I drove to my cousin Linda's place for an evening of cheese, cheese, cheese, and laughs, then drove home yesterday.

Here we are with Tim before the march (Gaynor's photo)

We covered 1526km, which should have been slightly less but the mad women in a box kept on trying to make us drive the wrong way up a one way street. And she doesn't cope with motorway junctions. And sometimes she seems to confuse left and right.

In the end what we did may not make a difference, but you do have to make sure your voice is heard amongst all the lies.


  1. Well done for the effort to all of you.

  2. Hope the march will have positive results.

    1. It undoubtedly will, but it will not stop the Brexit process. What it will do is buck up the opposition, keep them fighting and united.

  3. Hopefully they will pay attention to the needs of their citizens abroad. Good job, you two!

  4. Replies
    1. Us too :-) I was a bit worried about rabid Brexiters appearing to pick a fight.

  5. So happy, my comments are working again!!!