Friday, 3 March 2017

The Watering Can

The only thing I know about this fab florists in Angers is that the building is one of the oldest shops in the city.

Photographed from the bar across the street. The name of the florists translates as 'the watering can'.

A lovely toothy dragon holding the lintel in place.

Sinister Eve, on the right as you look at the building, but on the left (sinister) from the point of view of the building itself.

Adam on the left as you look at the building (but on the right, in his traditional relationship to Eve, as part of the building).  The date in Roman numerals above him is 1995, which I would guess is the most recent restoration.


chm said...

Such a beautiful building!

Susan said...

And it is by no means the most splendid timberframed and carved building in Angers.

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