Friday, 24 March 2017

Budget for the Restoration of the Chapelle de Tous-les-Saints

At the last meeting of our town council the budget for the restoration of the Chapelle de Tous-les-Saints was discussed. Quotes from tradesmen are in and the work will start this year with a spend of €169 829. That will allow the building to be made watertight and the wall paintings to be protected.

Sabine de Freitas, the wall paintings conservator, checking the condition of the chapel's danse macabre.

The work envisaged is as follows:
  • roof €20 594
  • carpentry €38 421
  • masonry €45 720
  • protection of the wall paintings (and some other decorative work) €21 254
which is a total of €125 990.

The current state of the carpentry.

It will be funded as follows:
  •  Ministry of Culture €56 000
  • La sauvegarde de l'art français €21 000
  • La Fondation du Patrimoine and the subscription they administer €25 600 (to which the public can still make donations big and small)
  • two parliamentary reserves €11 500
  • L'Association des vieilles maisons de France (the Old Houses Association of France) €5000
  • Credit Agricole bank €5000
  • La Société Archaeologique de Preuilly (SAP) €5000
The town council has already agreed a grant of €11 840 and will advance €22 519 (which they will get back when the sales tax is reimbursed).

The council agreed and passed this budget with 13 votes of assent and one abstention (Guy Buret).

According to Bernard de la Motte, president of the SAP, at this point there is a shortfall of about €15 000 before we can complete the project. (We don't need to find the full €43 839 as the Ministry of Culture will grant 40%.)

Other budgetary issues discussed at this meeting were
  • a bypass for the town centre
  • finishing the 'Heart of the Village' improvements
  • work on the old girls school, the front of the abbey and the sports ground
  • roadworks on certain streets and parking at the champ de foire

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I like the way that you involve yourself within the community. Having moved to a smaller town here, I can see that it brings rewards and friendships Susan.

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