Sunday, 3 January 2016

Painted Grasshawk

This is a female Painted Grasshawk dragonfly Neurothemis stigmatizans. She and her kin are native to the parts of Australia that run from the Queensland/New South Wales border, around the top and down to Broome in Western Australia.
Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been added for the Deceiver Laccaria laccata, an attractive and common little mushroom.
A photo has been added to the entry on Fungi Forays, showing the mushrooms found on an outing being identified.
A la cuisine hier: A French light classic Oeufs en meurette (poached eggs in a red wine sauce) for lunch.

Dinner was herbed pork sausages from the supermarket with mixed mash (potato, carrot and celeriac). Dessert was some chocolate squidge which was supposed to be brownies but I forgot to switch the mini oven from grill to oven so they didn't cook properly. Never mind, they were actually delicious as extra squidgy sticky chocolate pudding.


  1. Coincidentaly, I had œufs en meurette for the first of the year. But my meurette was with white wine, instead of red, since I had some left. It was different, but delicious. If you use good products, you cannot go wrong.

    1. I've used the remainder of the red wine in a beef casserole.

    2. As un vieil ivrogne I use wine, red or white, in any possible dish. Alcool conserve!

    3. Clearly, in your case :-) I must admit I drank some of the red straight. It was an 8 year old Touraine cabernet franc, and quite good.