Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spear Grass

Australia Day is 26 January so we are having a week of Australian themed posts, not just restricting them to Sundays.

Spear Grass Sorghum ingrans is a very common grass in the woodland savanna of northern Australia. It isn't very palatable for cattle once it matures, but they will eat it when young and its presence apparently indicates good grazing land. It grows up to 3 metres high and dominates in areas of medium and high rainfall.

Check for Ticks! In the middle of winter! I ran into Éric M at the market yesterday morning. He had a tick in a jar that he had pulled off his foot earlier in the day.

A la cuisine hier: I dyed my fingers purple by shredding a 2kg red cabbage and 1kg of onions. Combined with brown sugar, red wine vinegar and a secret seasoning blend it all went into my most humungeous casserole, dotted with a little butter and put on to braise for two hours.

I whipped up some hummus for lunch since I had half a can of chickpeas that needed using up. We had hummus with lettuce and cucumber in Turkish flatbread wraps.

And for those of you anxious to learn what I did with the brined lamb -- I slow roasted it with onions and potatoes, à la boulangère. It was delicious, tender and savoury. I served it with the braised red cabbage, carrots and green beans.


  1. So the Madras curry will be for some other time.

    Congratulations for the acute accent on the capital E. Nowadays not too many people bother with accents on capital letters where and when they're due.

    1. I read recently that one of the reasons accents on capitals is declining is because of the poor design of keyboards set up for French. Apparently it's easier to most accents on a keyboard set up for English!

  2. Now that I've read your posting, I'm hungry!!
    In summer, I like hummus on rice cakes topped with a slice of fresh tomato.