Thursday, 9 May 2013

Who Uses Eggcups These Days?

Well, I do occasionally, for a soft boiled egg.

And so, it turns out, do classic car owners with dodgy headlight bulbs.
Many thanks to our friends Megan and Bryan for supplying this vital aid to car maintenance.


  1. Aha! A solution to the worn contact problem... solder on!

  2. An egg cup is also very handy for storing a few odd beads until there is time to put them away. It's just the right size - anything bigger can hold too many beads and then the putting away becomes a major exercise!

  3. Nice one, Simon! Looking forward to seeing in a month or so. I'm currently making lots of drawings so that my 'drawing a day' blog stays up-to-date while we're away.

  4. I've just looked at Bryan's "one a Day" pictures...
    they are wonderful sketches...
    cut and paste that link and take a look...
    if you have an older computer, wait for it to load the front screen...
    [he's used the same "dynamic" view as Jim & Pauline]...
    but it is worth it because you get a great view of the pictures together...
    I've now given it its own tab in Firefox to follow the rest of the year!!

  5. Tim. Thanks for the kind and generous comments about my drawings. Please feel free to re-blog / re-tweet as you see fit.

    I should probably add that all the drawings are for sale (a few have gone already and there should be a comment indicating that against the drawing concerned).

    Each drawing is small – about 6"x 6" - and for sale at £50 (which includes p+p in Europe).