Sunday, 26 May 2013

Freddo Frogs

Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas -- classic Australian kid bait (or as I see Cadbury refers to them, 'pre-teens confectionary').

They need to be consumed fridge cold in my opinion. They aren't proper chocolate of course (being about 30% sugar and only 23% cocoa solids), so chilling them doesn't cause any more distress to food snobs than simply eating them in the first place. I am pleased to see though that when Cadbury switched a proportion of the product's cocoa butter to palm oil, sales suffered and they switched back in 2009.

When Sarah Turnbull, author of Almost French, married a Frenchman called Frédéric, he was (perhaps inevitably) quickly dubbed Freddo by her Australian family.


  1. Interesting, the Life Savers I remember eating as a child but made by Rowntrees and called Fruit Polos. When you look it up there is a wealth of information about trademarks etc.

  2. I agree...
    Polo Fruits...
    not Life Savers...
    strange these southern hemipode ctitters!

  3. Fruit polos for me too.

    I remember taking our children to the Cadbury World experience at Bournville. We ended up going on 'triple chocolate day' and came away with a free gift of over 50 bars of chocolate.

    A Freddo is just the right size to give a chocolate fix.

  4. I don't undersstand why they change ingredients in such iconic products, do they really think people won't notice?
    I would only eat Cadbury chocolate and when the taste changed I stopped buying it, got used to not eating chocolate and haven't bothered much since, why buy a product if you can't be sure how it will taste?
    I ate a Freddo yesterday, first one in over 2 years and it tasted rubish, more like Easter egg chocolate, which I refuse to eat. Such a shame, as up till a few years ago the Freddos still tasted wonderful, the way Cadbury chocolate used to be.

  5. Margaret: I agree -- Freddos and easter eggs are about on a par in terms of quality. The dominant flavour is the sugar, not the chocolate. It was fun to have some though while we were in Australia.