Monday, 10 December 2012

You can't do that on the Loire

At least, not on the central Loire where we live. There are many lovely riverside properties on the Loire and its tributaries, but no one owns boats like this -- none of the rivers are navigable to any great extent.

The Charente, on the other hand, where this photo was taken, is navigable from Rochefort on the Atlantic coast where it exits into the sea, right up to Angouleme, 120 km away.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, I'd hate to see Bath tubs on La Loire

Ron Ron said...

The Staff agrees with Anon... leave these things where they belong... in a marina or out at sea... they have ruined parts of the Norfolk Broads and they'd sure as eggs is eggs ruin the Loire around here... it would be elderly "Boy racer" time! Ugh!!

Emm said...

Plastic boats -- nasty, smelly, stinkpots -- too often driven by people with no idea of navigation rules or courtesies. Lucky you don't have them in your neighborhood. Sorry, I have the wooden boat person's prejudice against those things.

Susan said...

I am so un-boat oriented I just thought this was a pretty picture :-) I had completely forgotten the reputation as gin palaces these sorts of boats have. The only boat we saw in operation here was a canoe, which would be a fantastic way to explore this river. Now I think about it, I remember what a problem the wash from motor boats is on rivers.

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