Friday, 7 December 2012

A Lavoir in the Charente

This lavoir (public laundry) is in La Voute, a hamlet near Mosnac in the Charente, to our south-west. It reminded me of some Roman archaeological sites, but that may just be because the whole of the Charente always strikes me as very Roman, with its blocky pink rendered buildings and canal profile terracotta tiles on shallow pitched roofs.


Ron Ron said...

The Staff wishes you both well, wherever you are and asks me to mention that Simon appeared at Le Louroux all dressed up as a travelling musician... he would like to know how he managed that? [The Staff says the picture is on his flickr site.]

He would also like to know if this Lavoir ever had a roof on it? Personally I hope not... it looks such good drinking water for us cats... seems a shame to spoil it!!

Diane said...

There are so many of these Lavoirs around. Some lovingly restored and some looking quite sad. This one is quite different to any we have seen, and I agree it does look like Roman style. Have a good weekend Diane

Susan said...

Tim: I don't know if it ever had a roof.

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