Friday, 28 December 2012

It Could be Worse

The weather may be dismal here in France, but it wasn't as if we had unrelenting scorching sunshine in Australia. Here are some pictures of days when it was less than tropically balmy.

Following an ambulance down Brown Mountain on our way to the coast.

Even thicker fog on the winding Brown Mountain road.

A Manly ferry rocks and rolls its way past Sydney Heads on a squally, extremely windy day. We were on the ferry going the other way.

A tall ship at anchor in Sydney Harbour. The day before we had seen a sailing ship out to sea in the sweltering heat, off the coast at Bondi.
UPDATE: Simon tells me that this ship is the James Craig, moored at the Maritime Museum. There is a lightboat in front.


  1. And there was I thinking it was all sunshine, beach barbies and Fester's lagga in 'Stralia...
    Those pictures make the view out of our kitchen window this morning seem positively 'balmy'... urg!!
    It also took me a couple of seconds to realise you weren't driving on the wrong side of the road... after Christmas "brainfade"......

  2. It could be worse - you could be in UK. Average rainfall across the whole UK in 2012 is 1291mm so far.
    As I look out of my window - it's raining again.

  3. Ian: Indeed, it could be even worse...

  4. And I complained about Tasmania! At least in Queensland we had blue skies practically every day. Though it's true that we had an incredible downpour in Brisbane one day.