Sunday, 30 December 2012

Aerial Sunrise

The sun rises above the horizon, but is not yet above the clouds -- photographed from the plane leaving Beijing.

UPDATE from Simon: This photo is actually sunrise over Townsville (Australia) At the moment the photo was taken the sun appeared to be trapped between the horizon and a cloud layer and we were looking down on it (In fact, we could well have been seeing the sun due to refraction, and it probably hadn't even risen above the horizon)


  1. Superb colours Susan... try cropping it to a long thin letterbox shape... get rid of twothirds of the dark bottom... you'd be able to hang it on the wall... it looks so fluid.

  2. Thanks all.

    Tim: I rather like the subtle purply reds in the dark bottom...

  3. I'm not getting those on the laptop... I'll look again later on the big monitor on my desktop... it is colour-tuned.