Thursday, 9 July 2020

Public Swimming Pool Problems

Normally the municipal swimming pool in Preuilly would open the first weekend of June. But here we are in the middle of July and it is still not open. 

The reason is first of all pools were not allowed to open during the Covid19 lockdown and even sometime after the restrictions were eased. But now swimming pools around the country are open, albeit with swimmers being required to book a time slot and various Covid19 measures continuing to be required.

Demonstrating the expression 'laughing like a drain'?
Municipal swimming pool maintenance. Indre et Loire. France. Photo by Susan Walter.

Unfortunately, when our new municipal council came to inspect the pool it was discovered that there were serious issues with the filters and that regular maintenance had not been adequately performed. So the new council is faced with a bill of thousands of euros for a pool that will be lucky to earn a few hundred this year. But they are determined to open, and on Tuesday I went down to see how things were progressing.

The workmen were emptying the pool and there was hysterical laughter coming from the heads down the inspection hatch. I enquired if they would make their stated deadline of opening on 15 July. They told me to cross my fingers -- 'forte!'

At least two other regular swimmers have been down to observe progress and quiz them. Apparently the new life guard-pool manager, called Philippe, is very nice, and he knows Yohann, who managed the pool last year. Crucially, I'm told, he has experience of managing a small pool in a rural community that is only open for the summer season.

None of us swimmers quite understand the new rules, but we guess we'll work it out once everything is all up and running. The instructions and booking form are online now. You can book a one hour swimming slot anytime the day before, up to 4pm. You will need to arrive in your swimsuit (no changing rooms) and can only take goggles, swimcap and towel into the swimming pool area. Masks must be worn inside the reception building and you must take a shower with soap before entering the pool.

***Breaking News*** Apparently the pool is 'leaking massively' according to an email I received yesterday evening.


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Debs said...

Fingers crossed that the pool can reopen, it is such a great resource for the area.

Susan said...

It's the nicest public pool in our immediate area, so it will be a shame if the problems can't be solved. I met the maitre-nageur at the market today, and he is still hopeful for opening 15 July -- but in the meantime he's enjoying cycling round the nice quiet countryside we have here.

Jean said...

It sounds like a tall order to me but fingers crossed for you.

Autolycus said...

The UK government's new guidelines (just out today) for re-opening swimming pools seem to be along the same lines. I don't know if they clarify what people are supposed to do to get back home to change out of their wet swimming togs!

Susan said...

I'm planning to wear a loose throw over sleeveless tunic to and from over my swimsuit. But it does mean that people are going to be walking out in their swimsuits or putting something over them in the reception area, which hardly seems like a solution. The truth is they probably want to make it inconvenient enough that people will take it seriously or not go at all -- either of which helps keep Covid19 under control. Anyway, I'm off tomorrow to swim at a friend's lap pool.

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