Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Masks in the Market

Mask wearing in public places and enclosed spaces has just become mandatory throughout France. Many municipalities, like Preuilly, have made it so already, and mask wearing is commonplace here. Mostly it seems to be washable reusable cloth masks, but disposable surgical masks are seen quite often too. Not everyone complies, and it was not policed, so those who have not been wearing masks are not in fear of being fined, or being denied entry to anywhere -- at least around here.

Shoppers wearing masks at the market in Loches last week 
(before the requirement to wear masks was introduced nationally).
Shoppers wearing masks at the market in Loches. Indre et Loire. France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.


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Colin and Elizabeth said...

Ours comes in on Friday. I was in a supermarket yesterday and more had masks on than the previous week but still some without. Policing will probable be the same here and I can't see the Sainsbury girls refusing entry to anybody but we will see... C

Susan said...

The problem with challenging a non-mask wearer is that you never know when they will turn into a spittle flying monster. At the market in Loches I suspect the Municipal Police, who visibly patrol anyway, will stop and have a word with non-mask wearers. We were there today and many more people were wearing masks. The stallholders were almost all wearing masks. I was unimpressed with the strawberry producer though -- not only is she still not wearing a mask, but she coughed three times into her hand and made no attempt to sanitize. I nearly left the queue, but in the end, did and said nothing and bought strawberries as usual.

Ricks Carson, Atlanta said...

This image from France makes the French look gracious even if not pleased, and the recalcitrant Americans I live among in the states look barbaric. No wonder the EU doesn't want us to travel there.

Susan said...

Fortunately masks have not been politicized here.

Jilly Jargon said...

It is difficult to say something, especially in a foreign language/country, but I hope you washed those strawberries really well! x

Susan said...

Well, we didn't die :-)

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