Monday, 17 April 2017

Wisteria Wow Factor

All these fabulous wisterias were photographed in May last year in a single small village. Chédigny is most famous for its roses, but the wisterias and lilacs peak before the roses have really got underway. The last one is a Japanese wisteria, with its very long racemes of flowers, as opposed to all the others which are the Chinese species. And in the first photo there is a white wisteria not quite in bloom on the left.

This year the wisterias are out a couple of weeks earlier than last, but it's another magnificent display.


  1. These wisterias are magnificent. Chédigny is the flower capital of the world.

  2. love wisteria......our honeysuckle has more blooms than usual this yr & is blooming earlier

  3. Every time we've stopped by Chedigny, the flowers have been gorgeous. Maybe in the dead of winter it's not much, but neither is Pennsylvania.

    I think Chedigny's small size makes it possible for the town to manage all the plantings along the streets, but having a team of gardeners and refreshing the plantings has to be expensive.