Friday, 28 April 2017

Pays Saumurois

A typical spring scene in the Pays Saumurois, the countryside around the town of Saumur. Lots of grapes, some wheat, some ploughed earth, some canola, a narrow winding bitumen road and on the highest ground, mixed deciduous broadleaf forest. 

The grape parcels have been hit variously by the recent hard frosts. Some are hardly touched, others are completely burnt to a crisp, some are only partially frosted. My estimate is about 50% losses in the area between Dampierre sur Loire and Montsoreau. These grapes will be mostly Cabernet Franc I think.

The road is wide enough for two cars to slip by one another going in opposite directions, but not wide enough to pass a slow vehicle going in the same direction safely and there is no central white line.


  1. I didn't think it got that cold here recently but there is frost damage. Heart-breaking.

    1. The worst bit here is that it is mainly the same vignerons as last year. This year is potentially worse because it's been a series of hard frosts not just a single frost at the wrong moment.