Saturday, 8 April 2017

Amongst the four most beautiful stations in France...

An odd name for a post, but I couldn't work out why Tours had recently been announced as "amongst the four most beautiful station in France" with Metz at number one, and no indication of where Tours had come in this very important competition. I assumed it was at number 4, otherwise it would have been named as being "amongst the three most beautiful station in France".

But no - it's not a league table, it's a knockout competition, and Tours was eliminated in the semi final.

I assume the competition was for the exterior of the station, which
looked like this seven years ago and is currently be-scaffolded.

I like the inside best - a huge recently restored train shed with little
in the way to spoil the view. We took this photo last month.

The places where the ceramic panels were are currently covered, so we assume they are off being conserved.

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