Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Butchers Board

A local butcher's blackboard.

I recently photographed this butcher's blackboard on the street of a nearby small town. He has beef kebabs for €22.80/kg, turkey for €14.80 and pigs trotters for €1.95 each.


Ken Broadhurst said...

Are these brochettes already cooked or just ready to be cooked? They seem expensive to me.

Leon Sims said...

In a few days, we'll post the same for where we live here. We were at our local wholesale butcher/slaughter house. Amazing produce and really good prices - watch this space
We were there today and I almost took photos for a post Susan.

Susan said...

I don't know. I was on a botany outing at the time and didn't go in.

Susan said...

Great minds. We've got an Australian one coming up on Sunday :-)

Susan said...

For comparison I checked the prices for beef brochettes in Grand Frais on Friday -- €24/kg.

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