Friday, 21 April 2017

Games on the Chateau Lawn

Over Easter the chateau at Boussay hosted a large family gathering. The owner, a general in the armed forces who is in charge of the school for officers going into the logistics, supplies and administrative fields, comes from a large and close knit family who have owned the chateau here for a thousand years.

When we visited friends who live opposite on Easter Sunday there was a lively and raucous game of football going on. I was not the only person to photograph the goings on. I noticed two other passers by doing so. The family appeared to be unconcerned by being the object of all this attention. At least, the family members we spoke to did.

We are told that the owner will retire from the military within the next couple of years, and that means he will be at home in Boussay and focusing on how to improve the place. It's a tremendous responsibility, but apparently he has plans. So watch this space...


  1. glad to see a family enjoying their chateau & able to keep it

    1. Indeed. I think the family have the knack of working together as a unit. Individual members have sometimes made compromises for the benefit of the whole and in order to keep the chateau in the family.