Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Chateau to the left of me...

The chateau of Saumur, taken from the porch of the church of Saint Pierre, Parnay.
The chateau is about 8km away.

...a chateau to the right.

The chateau of Montsoreau, with vines in the foreground and the river in the middle distance,
forest beyond. The Loire Valley in a single shot.

The two chateaux in these pictures are about 15 km apart, overlooking the Loire River from its southern bank in the département of Maine et Loire to the west of us.

Talking of chateaux, we would like to ask a favour:

A couple of years ago we asked readers to print off and put up posters to promote our custom day trip and tour business Loire Valley Time Travel. We thought you might be kind enough to help out again, by placing posters on notice boards at workplaces, where you have French lessons or anywhere you think someone planning a trip to France might see it. We would be delighted to treat you to the sights of Preuilly in Célestine if you are in the area and you let us know what clever spot you've stuck a poster.

If you are in the USA the poster is here
If you are in Australia, the poster is here
If you are in Europe or the UK, the poster is here

Once the poster has opened in a new window, download it to your computer. You can then print the image using your computer's print program.

Thank you ever so much!!

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