Sunday 10 February 2013

Rétromobile 2013 Highlights

Last Friday we visited RetroMobile for the 4th year running

In contrast to previous years, this time we travelled up by train arriving mid afternoon, and left Paris again in the evening to come home. This allowed us enough time to see what we wanted to see, and stay for apéro at the Traction Universelle stand, but not so much  time that we got bored or over tired. We left home at 09:30 and were back just after 23:00.

These are 2 highlights from each of us:


And last but not least, a motorbike -

More will follow...


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Back in the 60's in my 'Bike' days the Vincent Black Shadow was the bike you dreamt about... Col

Simon said...

Col - It's the first Black Shadow I've seen in the flesh. Thrilling stuff!

Leon Sims said...

Richard Thompson - English folk singer penned a song about the Vincent black shadow.
One day maybe , I'll get to Retromobile.

Simon said...

Leon - we're waiting :) Make sure it's a Friday, we can invite you to the apéro

the fly in the web said...

Every chap's ambition the Black shadow...and at last I've seen one!

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