Sunday, 17 February 2013

Birds in the Botanic Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra is rightly proud of the native wildlife the Gardens support. The most visible group (other than plants) are birds. I took the opportunity to photograph some of the larger avian inhabitants of the garden when I visited in November.

 This Crimson Rosella was sitting in a beautiful gum tree, waiting for his mate, who was in the nest in a knot hole nearby.

 A Red Wattlebird arrives to survey what might be available for lunch at the Gardens' café.

 White-winged Choughs like this one go around in gangs, poking their beaks into anything they encounter and descending on abandoned tables and scavenging the scraps.

Crested Pigeons are much more circumspect, keeping their distance and seeking the shade under the bushes.
Loire Valley Nature Updates:  a new Habitat label created, with a first entry about Small Rivers added.


chm said...

These birds are beautiful, especially the Rosella and the Pigeon. The Wattlebird reminds me of the American

Susan said...

chm: I see what you mean about the Wattlebird / Roadrunner -- same sort of scruffy insouciance.

Sheila said...

We had a roadrunner in our yard
yesterday just as I was compiling
a list for the annual Great
Backyard Bird Count. Quite
unusual to have one here so
early. Must have wanted to be
included on the list.

Autolycus said...

The crested pigeons I saw in Australia looked ever so slightly pompous as they tried to strut about, like miniature Captain Mainwarings.

Susan said...

Auty: I think several pigeon species are prone to delusional pomposity :-)

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