Tuesday 2 October 2012

Preuilly From the Air

An aerial shot of Preuilly-sur-Claise from sometime prior to the construction of the Post Office extension. The image is an old postcard, out of copyright. I have posted this as the largest size image the new blogger interface offers, but the failings of the current blogger software means that the image is fuzzy. Click on the image to see it in actual size with good clear detail.


Tim said...

I see Celestine is parked near l'Image... you could have walked!!
It took me a little while to get orientalated, though.

Pearl said...

wow, pretty from above.

chm said...

It seems to me this aerial photo is taken from atop the abbey’s awful Burgundian-style steeple!

Can’t figure out where your house is. Out of the picture?

Susan said...

chm: we can't work out which is us in the photo either. We think we must be obscured by other buildings, because we should be in the photo.

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