Saturday, 13 October 2012

Miserable Weather

The view through Célestine's windscreen in the carpark at Chenonceau on 11 October.

On Thursday we experienced the worst weather we have ever had with clients. It rained, mostly heavily, for virtually the whole day. Naturally we were visiting Villandry for part of the day.

Mind you, I bet our clients were having more fun than the horse-trekking company's clients. We at least got to give our new wonder product, Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure, a good workout, and are pleased to report that Célestine's windscreen no longer leaks.

We were also having more fun than the winemaker we visited with the clients. His grapes were on the verge of being ruined by the relatively warm, very wet weather, and to top it off, his pneumatic press had a software failure, leaving harvested grapes sitting in trailers for hours, deteriorating even further.

PS Tomorrow is L'Art et Lard, the food and art festival in le Petit Pressigny. See you there.


  1. I only wish that we could see you at L'Art et Lard! Enjoy your day.

    We shall be relying on you to give us a flavour of the event. Hopefully the weather will be good.

    Martin tells us that the rain has dislodged some tiles on our roof, which will be another job to do when we are next out....

  2. Yes Susan and its going to Rain Rain and Rain according to the BBC... See you there...

  3. I think it's going to be a wash-out in Le P-P. We were planning to be there, but are re-considering...

  4. Sorry you were out in that, here on the mountain it was just crazy ,wind strong enough to blow over my umbrella tree.It was 4 overnight but by 8.30am I couldn't get the house warm,as the windchill was bringing it down to 2 and the highest for the day was 11.....Spring in sunny Queensland, all this after a weekend of around 30,bit of a shock to the system.

  5. LnS nope - but only because we have a rubber mat in the front.

    I thought the rain was coming in between the windscreen frame and the rubber seal, but it was actually leeching through the perished rubber that holds the windscreen glass in its frame.

    Next move is to try sort out the scuttle vent.