Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Fun with EDF

EDF are the French electricity company. I don't know if they are a monopoly, but they sure act like one.

I phoned the English speaking helpline a week and a half ago, and was told someone would phone me. They didn't

I phoned again on last Friday, and was told someone would call me. Again they didn't

After 3 days of getting recorded messages I girded up my loins and went to find the office. It wasn't in Descartes, as I was told, but in Loches. By the time I made Loches (via Descartes) it was almost lunchtime.

I don't know if the man I saw at EDF had one eye on the clock, but he didnt want to help. No Way. Pas Possible. He did, however, print out a copy of an email (which had been sent to a wrong address) asking for details.

No indication of the address to reply to, however.

Luckily, it is Wednesday, and the Bibliotech and Espace Multimedia is open - so with an element of guesswork and some internet research I was able to glean an adress to which I posted my details.

When I arrived home, I rang EDF again a couple of times, and then hey Presto - I was through!!

I now have an appointment with EDF on next Wednesday to establish supply.


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