Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Autumn is here

By Jingo it's cold!

On Monday evening I'd had enough of sitting in the gloom, dirty and cold, so I booked myself a night at l'Image.

After the mother of all baths I had dinner in the restaurant, and then I had a chat about stuff with Christophe. I don't think he quite believed me about house removals in Australia - that is, putting a house on the back of a truck and carting it off somewhere else. At some stage he will have to be shown photos.

A good night's sleep in a comfortable bed meant that I was able to cope with the advent of telephone engineer in French. They are no different to Australian Telecom engineers - lots of swearing under the breath and shaking of heads.

Today (Wednesday) EDF should arrive to connect the electricity and give us a couple of plugs. I have an electric heater waiting..........


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Anonymous said...

Aha. The wind from Sweden has brought you the arctic weather. Sorry. I was hoping for som nice weather when I arrive on tuesday. But sounds like I have to bring my wintercoat. Hope that you get your electricity in order before it`s getting even colder. And your roof, of course. Great to have l`Image to treat yourselves now and then.
Bon courages, mon ami.

Bengt et Suzanne

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