Friday, 7 September 2007

The roof in Progress.

As promised, some pictures. It's a little difficult to see what has happened because the metal roof is in the way - when I left for a weekend in London on Thurday morning, they had completed the guttering on the front of the granary, replaced about half the slates, with 1/4 off and 1/4 yet to come off. The flashing against the neighbour's wall has also been replaced.

Monday morning:
one hour after starting and the slates are already coming off. This is one hour after returning from the annual holiday.Monday afternoon:
5 hours in and almost half the slates are removed.Tuesday morning:
the battens ajoining the neighbour's wall have been replaced.Tuesday afternoon:
the new guttering and flashing are in place (having been made on site, in zinc) and the slates are going back on.Wednesday morning:
The flashing is being mortared in place.Wednesday afternoon:
The mortaring is complete, and tiles are being replaced at pace.Thursday morning.
the roof as it was when I left Preuilly.
The weather has been brilliant - a bit chilly at night, but lovely sunny days. There have been one or two evenings where it has clouded over, and on Monday evening there was even some rain. If the weather keeps up like this we should finish on schedule (touch wood, fingers crossed, and all that) in three weeks time.

This is a picture of our roof in progress, taken from the arboretum at the end of the street on wednesday evening:


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