Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The bit where we find the Puits named in the street

Susan arrived last Friday after an eventful trip. More of that in another post though...........

On Sunday we had a visit from a nearly local architect who we are thinking of employing. While he was with us he asked what was under the concrete hatch behind the house.

Surprisingly, we didn't know. We had always assumed that it was something to do with sewerage or drainage or something yucky. The architect, however, is made of sterner stuff. He lifted the hatch to find........ a stone lined well, complete with water about 18 metres down.

This is exciting, and news to us, even if we do suspect that we are the only people in town who didn't know it was there somewhere.


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Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have water in your well. Ours just appears to have been used to get rid of rubbish; but there may of course be water underneath. We suspect that having it dug out would be a pretty expensive way to get water for the garden, but we might investigate.
The title of your item does at least give us a further clue as to where in the town you might be. We think we rememember one street name having a well association. We will investigate when we return in three weeks time.

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