Wednesday, 5 September 2007

les Grands Travaux

As promised, the roofers started work on Monday.

Insteqd of demolishing the "hangar" ( the tin roof in front of the granary) the started on the granary roof itself. there is method in their madness, however. They need to get a gutter on the barn before the remove the hangar, otherwise the rain will just pour down the granary wall. Once they have done that, then they will demolish the hangar. THEN they will start on the hole in the roof above the stairs, which is the most pressing ( to my eyes, qnyway) part of the job.

While the roofers were roofing, I was demolishing bits of the house.

Photos will follow; I am even getting the hang of French keyboards.



Anonymous said...

Demolishing is sometimes easier(and funnier) than rebuilding the house. And we are so happy that you finally got your french workers "on the job".
You havent mentioned the weather in Preuilly. Does that mean that there now is plenty of sunshine?

Bengt et Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Have not worked out why the rebate for glazing on French windows in Preuilly is often so narrow. Even on the grander houses glass often stays in only by virtue of the pins. Putty as sold is often quite liquid and would give an English glazier apolplexy.
As follow up to earlier orchid interest, the cyclamen seen at the Chateau through the trees are fabulous at present.
Have not worked out yet where you are in Preuilly.
Bon continuation with all your work

Susan said...

As of 25 September the cyclamen are still spectacular at the chateau - once you peer past the closed gate.

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