Sunday, 30 September 2007


Our new friend Bengt, who lives in Sweeden but has a house in Preuilly took these photos on Friday.

Bengt occasionally comments on the blog - which is where he discovered we exist. We met him the day before we left Preuilly last time - the day he arrived after a 17 hour journey.



Anonymous said...

Super to see your roof work continuing. Each renovation is good news for Preuilly and its future, especially if, as I seem to remember, your intention is to spend a lot of time there. We have taken great pleasure in watching progress via the Blog although it has been frustrating not knowing where you were (until recently) and also not being at Preuilly to move things on at our own house, at least until mid October.
Bonne continuation & and best wishes

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I could be there in October. It looks like EDF will be visiting again. That is assuming I have read their email right

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